Saturday, February 10, 2018

Assignment 2

Common reasons for taking the class:

Common media consumptions:

Social media:
Facebook (most students)
Twitter (most students)
LinkedIn (Nishant Barma, Di Lu, Savinay Narendra, Leyi Hu, Zheng Tang, Yang Yang, Guanlun Zhao)
Hangouts (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Roger Solis)
Instagram (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Jacob Fenger, Neil Gibeaut, Nur Hafieza Ismail, Savinay Narendra, Leyi Hu, Kai Zheng)
Reddit (Purna Doddapaneni, Neil Gibeaut, Jacob Hallenberger, Yash Vardhan Sharma, Guanlun Zhao, Kai Zheng)

Gmail (most students)

Instant messenger:
Whatsapp (Nishant Barma, Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Nitish Chandra, Nur Hafieza Ismail, Savinay Narendra, Leyi Hu, Roger Solis)
WeChat (Jorge Ivan Fuentes Rosado, Di Lu, Yaohua Ma, Leyi Hu, Zheng Tang)
Steam (Jacob Hallenberger, Chengyi Min)

League of Legends (Purna Doddapaneni, Roger Solis)
Overwatch (Purna Doddapaneni, Jacob Hallenberger, Yaohua Ma, Kai Zheng)
Don't Starve (Chu-Ching Hsu, Yaohua Ma)

Cell phone (most students)

YouTube (most students)
Netflix (Nishant Barma, Jacob Fenger, Chu-Ching Hsu, Nur Hafieza Ismail, Samia Kabir, Di Lu, Yash Vardhan Sharma)

TV series:
Suits (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Leyi Hu)
Game of Thrones (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Nitish Chandra, Neil Gibeaut, Samia Kabir, Chengyi Min, Xiaoyu Wang)
Breaking Bad (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Nitish Chandra, Jacob Fenger)
Friends (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Purna Doddapaneni, Chu-Ching Hsu, Yash Vardhan Sharma)
Black Mirror (Jacob Fenger, Jorge Ivan Fuentes Rosado)

Spotify (most students)
Google Play Music (Nishant Barma, Xiaoyu Wang)
YouTube Music (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Jacob Hallenberger, Savinay Narendra)

Books (Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Nitish Chandra, Jacob Fenger, Di Lu, Chengyi Min, Abhilash Vallamkonda, Xiaoyu Wang)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Media I Use Every Week

1. Telephones: landline, cell phone.
2. Television: news (local news, CNN), drama (Suits, Grey's Anatomy), comedy (Mom, Modern Family).
3. Radio: 104.1 KRBE.
4. Music: pop music (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth), classical music (Mozart, Bach, Chopin), rock music (The Cranberries, Coldplay).
5. Email: Gmail, TAMU edu email.
6. Instant messenger: iMessage, WeChat, Whatsapp.
7. Online video: YouTube, Live stream video platforms.
8. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.


Howdy! My name is Leyi Hu. I'm a second-year Master of Computer Science student.

After one and a half years of learning algorithms and other theoretical basis courses, I found myself lack of some knowledge in human-computer interaction. Also, people are using so many different kinds of media every day. New media is everywhere. I look forward to learning from this course details of relationship between computers and new media, and some application of new media in software development in the real world.

Assignment 2

Common reasons for taking the class: To understand the historical significance of the media and the future of media technology ( Rahul As...